We ideate, validate, fund, staff and launch new businesses with the goal of a quick exit


Our process is simple

We ideate and brainstorm new business ideas

We validate them

We put in a CEO

We start shopping for an end buyer

We raise capital from our capital partners as needed

Our goal is to sell before we launch

If we must launch then we will hire an operations team

At this time we are only working on US based ideas.

We do not work with Cannabis, CBD, Hemp, Oil, Gas, Farming, Crypto or Blockchain ideas. Just not our forte` right now.


Pitch us Your Idea?

***Disclaimer*** Our mission is to turn ideas into companies with the goal of a quick exit.

Entrepreneurs looking to pitch us, if you are not open to a quick exit or are just looking for money then we are not what you are looking for.

We are 100% in charge of the operations and finances.

Founders may or may not hold a position in the company. 

This is not an incubator, accelerator, coaching or mentorship program!

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