Authority Capital Group Portfolio Company


We work with founders in the "idea on a napkin" stage.
We partner with you and your team to bring new companies to market.


The Full Story

Since 2014, we’ve partnered with Entrepreneurs to help take their startup ideas to the next level by providing the tools, guidance, people, resources and the capital needed to turn these excellent ideas into powerful companies.​

You bring the idea, we'll work together on validating the idea and putting all of the pieces together to get ready for funding.

We will be the first institutional check in and we will lead any formal round of fundraising. 

At this time we are only working on US based ideas.

We do not work with Cannabis, CBD, Hemp, Oil, Gas, Farming, Crypto or Blockchain ideas. Just not our forte right now.


Pitch us Your Idea?

***Disclaimer*** Our mission is to turn ideas into companies with the goal of a quick exit so if you are looking to build a long term legacy company or if you are just looking for a check then we are not what you are looking for.

When we invest, we will be 100% in charge of the operations and finances unless we feel that the founder/s are qualified for the position.


Founders may or may not hold a position in the company. 

This is not an incubator, accelerator, coaching or mentorship program!

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