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Jeff McDermott



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Jeff understands the dynamics involved with being an entrepreneur. Jeff started his own entrepreneurial journey when, from 2004 – 2011, he was the Founder and CEO of The Branches Club, a private residence club of single-family vacation rentals with 12 resort locations throughout the US, Mexico, and the Caribbean with a total portfolio value of $6.5 million.

Jeff has prior experience in Venture Capital and Angel Investing, serving as the Managing General Partner of VENCÖSBA for over five years.
Jeff serves as the Co-Founder and Chairman of The Fund School, an emerging managers selection program providing an online training program for those thinking about a career in Venture Capital or Fund Management.

Additionally, Jeff is the Managing Partner of The Lights on Lab, a Startup Studio focused on launching, funding, and staffing new startup/entrepreneurship ecosystems, startup programs, and investment firms, including Real Estate and Venture Capital.

Jeff always tries to innovate new startup programs, fund models, and ecosystems as he sees the void in these spaces and knows that the current models are outdated, inefficient, and ineffective. Helping others attempt their goals and dreams of entrepreneurship is his mission!

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DAILY OFFICE HOURS from 8:00-11:00am PST Monday through Friday.

I truly enjoy helping Entrepreneurs solve problems so I make sure that I set aside time every day to show up for those who want my help and guidance.

We can talk about anything business related.

Pick my brain, talk about real estate, investing, venture capital, raising capital, idea validation, ideas, pitch decks, syndicates, funds etc...

$100 gets you 30 minutes

...for those who want steady office hours and are willing to buy in bulk, there's a huge discount!

5 sessions for $300 bucks
10 for $500 bucks 

Hit me up if there's any interest in that and I'll hook it up!

*** Also, with every office hours session you'll get a free post from me on LinkedIn about you, your project or whatever you want to promote to my 12,000+ followers!


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